Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Curious Life

Day two of actual college classes, and I am feeling a bit more confident than yesterday. While my French class still seems as though it will be very difficult, I am getting the routine of things a bit better. As I sit here outside, I watch people walk by toward their different classes, and I realize that I love watching people. Sometimes I wonder if it is healthy, being so curious about other people's lives. 
Look that girl walking by is wearing a hijab, a Muslim head scarf. I wonder what thought process causes her to wear it? Yesterday I saw another girl wearing a hijab while working out at the recreation center. I also noticed she was wearing pants as not to show her legs. Unfortunately, I do not recall whether or not she was wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Here comes a girl who is overweight. Now I hold no hatred toward those who are overweigh, but I do wonder why they do not take better care of the body they are given. A male student walks by on the telephone. I wonder if he is far from home. Is he talking to his friend back home? That helped me get adjusted to college life, talking every once in a while to a friend who is going through something similar as you.  A professor walks by in a straw sun hat (I guess that is what you call it). He has probably taught here many years as most of the professors have.
I could sit here all day, watching people pass by. Oh look, a young woman with a little boy. Is she a student? That must be hard--raising a child while going to school. Although I have known people who have done it. I do not know what spurs on my curiosity of all these lives. Maybe it is the greater view of things, seeing how, despite all of our differences, we ended up here at the same place, at the same time. Life is curious, and that is why I love it.

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