Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Nightmare Continues

This short entry is in response to Theresa Flores' book The Sacred Bath: An American Teen Girl's Story of Modern Day Slavery.

I sit, my heart racing, my hands shaking, hardly able to hold the book, which reveals such torturous events, yet not able to put it down. I feel as though tears want to well up from within my, but the anger of such cruelty holds them down. How could anyone be so evil! My heart cries. What have they done? Unfortunately, this is not the right question to ask. Truly I should be asking, “What are they doing?” For the horrors have not stopped. The injustices continue day in and day out. Every moment, every secret she tells, seems to be the pinnacle of evil. But the horrors keep unfolding. At the end of each event, she reminds you…there is more. It seems impossible, but it is true. More and more, days and days of torture that is too hard to bare, much less to think about someone actually experiencing. What is this? I ask. The story seems like something out of a horror novel. People taking advantage of an innocent soul! Ripping away her very innocence! I am enraged, and yet, because the story is of the past, I can do nothing to stop it. I long let the book drop from my hands, but I cannot! No, I must endure this, so I may share in her pain! Share in her grief! In her utter misery! So I do, until the very end. And the end is no less comforting than the beginning because the end reminds that the nightmare lives on for 27 million people around the world. It is the nightmare of modern day Slavery. It is the nightmare of Human Trafficking. The nightmare continues; to stop it, America must wake up.

If you want to know more about Human Trafficking, please look into different Web sites including,, and

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